6Do you know as a victim of a car accident you are legally entitled by the law to be compensated for the injuries and other damages that you suffered as a result? Depending on the state laws there is usually a specified amount of money that you are to be paid by the person or persons liable. This amount will depend with the level and extent of your injuries and damages. When you finally decide on following up on getting what is yours you have to follow certain steps. Here are the steps to getting a fair compensation after an auto accident;

After the accident has happened immediately gather all the evidence from the accident scene. This will include taking pictures of the vehicles involved. Make sure the pictures are taken from all angles so as to capture everything in detail. In the case where you will not be capable to do it on your own then you can use a nearby friend. The evidence gathering should also extend to any witness who could attest to your innocence for the accident. Try and get the names of those witnesses.

The next thing is to call the police to the scene of the accident. The police report is usually considered in determining who is at fault. Even if the evidence will have disappeared you already have the pictures and the testimonies of the witnesses. At no instance should you admit liability for the accident, let the relevant authorities determine who is at fault for the accident.

Contact your auto accident attorney at this website to help you seek compensation. He or She will start by filing a claim with the insurance company of the other driver who is at fault for the accident. This claim is a demand letter demanding for a certain amount of money as compensation and so it should be accompanied by all the necessary proof as to why you are demanding a certain amount. This should include past, current and future medical expenses, lost wages and any other form of damages caused as a result. So always make sure you have the records.

After filing the claim you expect a response from the insurance company on the demand letter. Your auto accident attorney will act depending on how they responded. If they agree on the amount demanded and settle then the case closed, if  they offer an amount not equivalent to the worth of the case then your attorney will have to start negotiations until a deal is reached. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyer to find out more about lawyers.

If the insurance company fails to respond to the demand letter then your auto accident attorney will immediately prepare to file a lawsuit against the defendant. The case will now be decided by a court trial. You are allowed to settle in the process as long the judge or judge has not given a verdict. Click here to hire the best lawyers near you.